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Stand No 29

Become the REAL you, have more energy, and Create your own life!  Are you ready to register for a transformation that can change your life in many ways and on many levels?! You have lost contact with yourself! You experience disharmonic feelings between your work and private life ! You worry about money or you have a job that doesn’t fit your purpose! You find it difficult to say NO and have trouble keeping your boundaries! You have difficulties in relationships with others, including the one with yourself ! You have a hard time communicating properly! You find it hard to stand up for yourself and your needs ! You live to much in the future or the past! You have trouble letting go (even in losing weight)! You have no strong and grounded faith in yourself and the future ???

Working with Alexandra Langeveld means no more excuses but Action!

Alexandra Langeveld is the one you can contact if you need help to get in touch with your authentic self. She is your Balance Coach and will help you reshape any area of your life were you feel stuck, such as after or during  the process of a divorce or after losing your job, when dealing with illness or if you are looking for grounding and more meaning and purpose in your life.

By connecting with your emotions you can get insights into limiting patterns and associated feelings, thoughts and behaviour. If you make changes in those actions you will come into balance with yourself and you can cope better with certain situations.

Alexandra Langeveld Coach / Therapist & Chakradance Facilitator

Telphone NL +31 624909568 (WhatsApp)   
Mobile  ES +34 657939635  
Skype. Alexandra Langeveld - Jouw Balans Coach

Welcome To GM Promotions

GM Promotions Events……..The Costa Blanca’s No 1 Exhibition/Trade Fair organisers has now successfully produced 12 Exhibitions over 7 years. With nine as The Homes Gardens & Lifestyle Show.

The philosophy behind GM Promotions Events - Is to choose a superb location, invite local experts in their field, provide excellent content and feature concepts. Utilise an international marketing/advertising strategy to ensure each Show is well attended by our visitors. Packed with inspiration and information with a huge variety of exhibitors and the vast array of product and services they offer, one can see, taste, try, buy and be inspired...... It is a must attend event for everyone!

As always the shows are guaranteed to be an opportunity of which every business particularly along the Costas should take advantage of and capitalise on our platform of providing the opportunity to meet thousands of potential new customers and hundreds of new business contacts.

Contact Us for more info

Our Philosiphy is also to help highlight care in the community and as such we provide some free places at our Show’s for registered charities.

Looking forward to the opportunity of working with you on these exciting event brought to you by GM Promotions.