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Stand 6a

Classical Shiatsu for prevention and stimulation of the self‐healing process.

Classical Shiatsu produces a very pleasant feeling. Its main aim is prevention and the preservation of health and mobility. In contrast to acupuncture and acupressure, where individual points of the body are stimulated, in classical Shiatsu treatment consists of applying gentle pressure along the connecting meridians. If necessary, techniques that penetrate more deeply, such as stretching and rotation, are also used. Treatment is carried out with the palms of the hands and the thumbs, as well as the elbows and knees.

For pain: Moreno‐Shiatsu
During my eleven years of professional activities I often found that my patients noted considerable improvement of the pain they had been suffering from for many years. There were cases where doctors had done everything they could and there were no other possible treatments. Motivated by these experiences I started to dedicate myself profoundly to the subject of “pain and Shiatsu”, which resulted in my method “Moreno‐Shiatsu”. In classical Shiatsu gentle pressure is applied along the meridians of energy, whereas in Moreno‐Shiatsu more pressure is concentrated on a few special points.

Make life a bit more worth living

Constant pain and restricted mobility can decrease the quality of life considerably. To show you the benefits of a combination of classical Shiatsu and Shiatsu‐Moreno I have a very special offer for you:

To get acquainted with Shiatsu
Get five individual treatments. They will be adapted to your personal situation and will not be limited to a certain duration. Each treatment starts with Moreno‐Shiatsu and continues with the pleasant and relaxing classical Shiatsu.
5 treatments for only 100 €. (The duration of each session will be adapted to your personal situation and will have an average of one hour. This offer is only valid once per person.)
If you want to take advantage of this special offer call 0034 722 741 3070034 722 741 307 for an appointment.
30 minutes 30 € (only Moreno‐Shiatsu)
30 minutes 25 € (foot massage)
60 minutes 50 € (classical and/or Moreno‐Shiatsu)
60 minutes 45 € (whole‐body massage)
90 minutes 75 € (classical and/or Moreno‐Shiatsu)
Place of Treatment:
03710 Calpe, C/ Los Almendros 5 ‐ „La Fresa“ (next to Cafe “Bon Mati”)
03700 Denia, C/ Bitibau 9 (Erdgeschoß; near the „Cafe Gaudi“)
Treatment only with an appointment – call 0034 722 741 3070034 722 741 307
If you have serious health problems, treatment can also be carried out at your home. The charge for this is 30 € (flat fee).
Shiatsu clásico para prevenir y estimular las capacidades de curarse por si mismo.

El Shiatsu clásico produce una sensación muy agradable. Su meta principal es, sobre todo, la prevención y el mantenimiento de la salud y la movilidad. En el Shiatsu clásico no se estimulan puntos individuales como en la acupuntura y la acupresura, sino que el tratamiento consiste en una presión suave a lo largo de los meridianos conectantes. Si es necesario también se pueden emplear técnicas con las que se penetra más profundamente así como estiramientos y rotaciones. Para el tratamiento se utiliza las palmas, los pulgares además de los codos y las rodillas.

En caso de dolores: Moreno‐Shiatsu
Durante los once años de mi vida profesional he experimentado muchas veces que mis pacientes notaron una mejora muy obvia de sus dolores que muchas veces ya sufrían durante muchos años. Había casos en que los médicos no podían emplear otras medidas o terapias. Motivada por estas experiencias empezé a dedicarme profundamente en el tema “dolores y Shiatsu”. El resultado es mi método “Moreno‐Shiatsu”. En Shiatsu clásico se trabaja con una presión suave a lo largo de los meridianes de energía mientras que en Moreno‐Shiatsu la presión es, un poco más fuerte, en unos puntos especiales.

Hacer la vida un poco más digna de vivir.

Dolores permanentes y restricciones en el moviento pueden disminuir la calidad de vida considerablemente. Para mostrarle los beneficios de la combinación entre Shiatsu clásico y Shiatsu‐Moreno tengo una oferta especial para usted:

Para conocer el Shiatsu
Reciba 5 tratamientos individuales. Los adaptaré totalmente a su situación personal y no estarán limitados temporalmente. Cada tratamiento empieza con Moreno‐Shiatsu y a continuación disfrute del agradable y relajante Shiatsu clásico.
5 tratamientos por sólo 100 € (La duración de cada sesión se adaptará a su situación personal y será de una media de 1 hora. Esta oferta es valida sólo una vez por persona.)
Si quiere utilizar esta oferta única, pida cita llamando al 0034 722 741 3070034 722 741 307
30 minutos 30 € (sólo Moreno‐Shiatsu)
30 minutos 25 € (masaje de los pies)
60 minutos 50 € (clásico y/o Moreno‐Shiatsu)
60 minutos 45 € (masaje de todo el cuerpo)
90 minutos 75 € (clásico y/o Moreno‐Shiatsu)
Lugar de tratamientos
03710 Calpe, C/ Los Almendros 5 ‐ „La Fresa“ (al lado de Cafe “Bon Mati”)
03700 Denia, C/ Bitibau 9 (bajo; cerca de „Cafe Gaudi“)
Tratamientos sólo con cita previa en el 0034 722 741 3070034 722 741 307
Si tiene problemas de salud muy graves también ofrecemos visitas a domicilio cuyo precio es de 30 € (tarifa plana).

Welcome To GM Promotions

GM Promotions Events……..The Costa Blanca’s No 1 Exhibition/Trade Fair organisers has now successfully produced 12 Exhibitions over 7 years. With nine as The Homes Gardens & Lifestyle Show.

The philosophy behind GM Promotions Events - Is to choose a superb location, invite local experts in their field, provide excellent content and feature concepts. Utilise an international marketing/advertising strategy to ensure each Show is well attended by our visitors. Packed with inspiration and information with a huge variety of exhibitors and the vast array of product and services they offer, one can see, taste, try, buy and be inspired...... It is a must attend event for everyone!

As always the shows are guaranteed to be an opportunity of which every business particularly along the Costas should take advantage of and capitalise on our platform of providing the opportunity to meet thousands of potential new customers and hundreds of new business contacts.

Contact Us for more info

Our Philosiphy is also to help highlight care in the community and as such we provide some free places at our Show’s for registered charities.

Looking forward to the opportunity of working with you on these exciting event brought to you by GM Promotions.