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Aqua Living introduces spas and swimspa from Master Spas in the U.S. and pool heat pumps from Ecoheat poolheatpumps from Sweden, Aqua Living broadens its product range in swimming pool & spa area and also offer unique system with chlorine free Salt system and automatic Ph regul system, pool covers for all sizes.

Master Spas is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of spas and world's largest manufacturer of swimspas. Master Spas has appointed Aqua Living the sole distributor in Portugal and Spain. Aqua Living Launches Master Spas four spa series in the market's premium segment ; Clarity Series , Healthy Living series, the Twilight series and the Michael Phelps Legend series. Aqua Living Launches Master Spas two swimspa series ; H2X series and Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spas series, which has a unique wavepropulsionssystem designed with the support of 18 -time Olympic gold medalist in swimming, Michael Phelps and his coach Bob Bowman.

Ecoheat pool heating develops and manufactures Pool Heat pumps in all sizes for all Pools, Ecoheat stands for quality, value and high service level. After many years developing Ecoheat are today one of the biggest growing in pool heat pumps in Scandinavian countries and initiate a long-term cooperation with us at Aqua Living as exclusive Distributor in Spain and Portugal.

Ecoheat pool heating stands for LOW noise level, High efficiency, titanium heater, reversible so you can heat or cool your pool, outstanding warranty and backup. Prices starts at 1,390 €

Over the past 35 years, Master Spas as technology leading premium manufacturer of spas and swimspas introduced many patented innovations with a focus on high quality, design and deep acting hydro- therapeutic massage. Examples of patented innovations is Eco Pur ™ Water Purification Systems, Master Force ™ biomagnetic therapy systems and the unique Wave Propulsion ™, the Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spas series. All spas and swimspas from Master Spas are designed for all climates conditions with advanced insulation for the lowest possible power consumption. The products meet the strict energy standards from the California Energy Commission (CEC).

A spa or swimspa from Master Spas is a turnkey product that can be installed and ready for use on the same day. The spa is placed on a flat surface, indoors or outdoors, either stand-alone or fully or partially submerged in decking or similar. A swimspa is the perfect combination of swimming pool and spa, where you can swim and fitness workout, swim with the children while enjoying a beautiful, relaxing massage - 365 days a year, a swimspa installed normal in a few days and is cheaper and easier use, swimspa also takes up less space and can be placed in small gardens or on terraces.

Aqua Living Sells and markets a wide range of affordable and well-designed quality products in a swimming pool & spa. Aqua Living offers a high level of service and knowledge and are distributor in Portugal and Spain for Master spas, Michael Phelps.

Aqualiving pool & spa

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